Look Good Feel Good

Look Good Feel Good

So after posting a picture on my Instagram and asking my followers how they make sure they look to feel good, my friend and I got into a mini-debate about whether looking good to feel good was superficial or not. Before you keep reading for tips on how to look good, feel good, and kill your anxiety with confidence. Comment and let me know what you think, about looking good and feeling good. New YouTube video soon on this topic, with this best friend!!

1.) Get on the treadmill.

I get it! I always tell you guys to exercise, but it really works! A couple of years ago, when I hurt my hip and instead of continuing physical activity, I completely stopped all physical activity and slept all day. Obviously, I felt more and more depressed as time went on. Also, I gained weight and my anxiety skyrocketed, so much that I mistook panic attacks for asthma attacks. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror which made my life harder, especially being a middle schooler at the time. A year later, I got in shape and began to feel better about myself. My friendships changed and with the help of my parents, my anxiety died down. Guys, this wouldn't have happened without exercise. SO FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE AND GET TO IT!

2.) Plan what you wear the night before.

You woke up late again, and have no idea what to wear. You pull out the same wrinkled shirt, and pants you wore the weeks prior and leave your hair in a messy bun. Now you're dealing with that morning panic attack, we all love so much. Guess what, you could've avoided all of this if you planned your outfit the night before. If you planned your outfit before, maybe you could have found time for a quick shower or a cute hairdo. Maybe your anxiety would not have plagued you first thing in the morning. Plan your outfits!

3.) Play Music While Getting Ready.

Ha, so actually, this kind of goes along the lines of what my best friend explained to me. She felt like people should focus on their personality and internal feelings before worrying about their external. When you listen to your music when you're getting ready, you feel like the song playing!! Keep that in mind, I am NOT suggesting you listen to sad love songs that remind you of your ex. I've been there, turn off the sad music and TURN UP!

4.) Dude, you smell.

You PROBABLY don't smell... hopefully. Still, when you shower with body wash you like, use a deodorant that works, keep your hair clean, and use perfume you KNOW you smell good. When you know that you smell good, you feel better about yourself and people like being around you! Your social anxiety may go up with all the new people around you, but hey I can help you with that one.

5.) You're Stuck in the Same Lane.

Stop going shopping and buying different versions of the same shirt, stop wearing your hair the same way you have for the past five years and quit using the same lipstick color!! Guys and Gals, what are you doing staying the same and expecting change. I get it, I sound cliche, but it is so true! Quit caring and worrying about what people think, be daring!!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Comment about what tip you liked the most!!

New YouTube Video this Friday! Another Story Time!

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