Anxiety and Authority

Anxiety and Authority

Do you have trouble telling your parents when you did something wrong? Do you have trouble listening to your teacher who constantly criticizes your writing? What authority figure FREAKS you out?

I get it, you don't want to look like an idiot. You're scared you will get something wrong. But trust me, you have nothing to worry about, everyone has these feelings and I'm here to tell you how to overcome them. So keep reading!!

1.) You're Bosses Aren't Gods

That mentor you idolize, they've messed up too. Sometimes we forget that everyone makes mistakes. When we idolize the people "above" us we forget that they are human and make a lot more trouble for ourselves than necessary. Understand that the people you look up to, are human too, take a deep breath and keep it pushing.

2.) Understand That They PROBABLY have your best interest!

Okay, your parents highly suggested you stay in tonight and you feel like they won't let you grow up. Or maybe your teacher gave you a B minus instead of that A on your paper. Try to understand things from their point of view. It's so much easier to take their corrections personally and feel attacked, but it's more helpful to really try to understand why they make the suggestions they do.

3.) Take Criticism, But Don't Devalue Your Worth.

Yes, you should try to understand what your authority figures suggest; however, you should never let what they say completely dictate your choices or feelings about yourself and the life you want to pursue. Remember that everyone has a different path and no one knows what road will work the best, take a leap of faith and do your thing!

4.) Remember to Absorb Some of What People Say to You!

I am the biggest culprit when it comes to stubbornness. Sometimes you have an idea of how you want life to look and that just can't happen at that exact second. People who walked where you tread, know a little something so once again, it's important to take some of what these people say to you.

5.) Keep the Good, Filter Out the Rest.

Still, remember that unless someone has the same life you vision yourself living, you probably shouldn't listen to everything they suggest. Your intuition probably knows best, so close your eyes, meditate and listen to her.

6.) Try to Find Yourself a Mentor.

If you want to work as a fashion designer, go get an internship who does the things you plan on doing. This way, you'll understand if you really want to practice as a fashion designer and if you do, you'll see what the job of fashion designer entails, and maybe you'll meet some of the right people.

7.) Use this mantra: Respect Them And Yourself Too.

Remember, when you don't agree with an authority figure you don't have to act disrespectfully you can accept gratefully and genuinely, then go on about your life. Stand by what you believe and thank the people who help you create your beliefs.

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