Why Meditation Works

Why Meditation Works

Sometimes spontaneity feels right for me. In times when I'm feeling desperate, I turn to spontaneity. When I hit an anxiety and depression road bump on my journey, I turned to meditation. Obviously, at first, I felt skeptical. How could meditation solve all of my problems? Could something so simple really be the answer I kept looking for?

Now, meditation did not solve all my problems. Nothing can solve all of anyone's problems, but meditation definitely helps!

Meditation helps; because we focus on our breathing and not on our daily lives.

We live in a culture that glorifies work, work, and more work. When we take time for ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally, we feel guilty because when we look at social media, it looks like everyone is on the "grind".

People do not post their naps on social media, much like most people do not post their meditation routines on social media. Still, we need naps and we need meditation. If we constantly go, go and go some more we will burn out. We cannot escape this!!

When meditating, we don't think about what we have to do for the rest of the day. If we meditate the right way we focus on our breathing and NOT our to-do list or the people who made us angry.

For me, overcoming anxiety didn't come from meditation, but from taking time out to stop, do nothing and think about nothing.

We must accept that we do not have full control over anything but ourselves. When we do this meditation will feel easy and so will overcoming anxiety.

So, what are some ways you guys stop thinking about everything you have to do? Does meditation work for you? Let me know below!

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