Gratitude, Mindfulness or Both?


Merriam Webster Dictionary -“The practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.”

Most people understand the idea behind gratefulness; however, many people do not understand the meaning of mindfulness. Reaching mindfulness is a stage you reach when you find comfort within yourself. When you learn to recognize your feelings and emotions, you learn to completely accept yourself, your mistakes and inherently improve yourself as a result of your new state of consciousness. Do you want to learn how to improve your mindfulness? Stay tuned! You can practice mindfulness through gratitude. Here are some ways to practice gratitude!

1.) Make a list of things you're grateful for!!

I understand! You probably think this idea is cheesy or corny. Maybe you think you're too cool to make lists or maybe you think you have everything figured out. Still, I promise you will miss out on beautiful parts of life without stopping to reflect on the blessings you do have.

Here's what a list can look like:

Three Things I'm Grateful for 3/12/2019

1.) My Youth

2.) Family & Friends

3.) Life

As you can see, the list looks short and simple. Your list does not need to look extravagant! You just need to reflect on what's important to you!

2.) Try to go on a complaint free binge.

Just like you, when I come home from a rough day, I complain to a loved one right away. Oftentimes the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: "How was your day?"

Me: "My day was okay, but this person said this about me, this teacher looked at me funny, and... yea it was okay."

Although my mom doesn't say anything, I know my negative energy probably negatively influences her in some way shape or form.

When we complain, we're affecting ourselves and the people around us! Remember that before you complain about something insignificant!

3.) Remember the good things that happened in your day, week or month.

Oftentimes, we only focus on the bad things or moments in our lives. Did you accomplish 5/6 of your goals this month? Stop and ask yourself if you're focusing on the five goals you did accomplish OR the one goal you didn't accomplish.

My dad always reminds me to keep a glass half full attitude and there is nothing more important than doing this!!

Obviously keeping a grateful attitude, can help you appreciate yourself more than before. When you focus on the good around you, you naturally focus on the good about yourself.

What are you grateful for? Let me know below!

You're Not A Robot, You're Human

So you woke up, went to work or school, jumped on the treadmill, hit some weights, did homework or helped your kids with their homework. Now, you have to do some networking to keep your website alive, you have to finish that paper that you cannot seem to perfect, you have to finish that project for a client and you are exhausted. I've been there, in fact, most nights are like that. When you are a go-getter your desires often surpass your physical and mental needs. While you will have to sacrifice to get what you want, I'm here to provide some tips on how to ensure you stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy all while reaching your dreams.

1.) Exercise, exercise and more exercise.

If you read any of my previous posts, you know much I value exercise! Sure at first, exercise will make you more tired, but in the long run, you will feel more energized and ready to go than ever because you are fit. I understand you feel like exercise is wasting your time, but you buy yourself more time when you exercise. More time in life, and a stronger ability to pull those all-nighters when you need to.

2.) What you put in, is what you get out.

What do you like to eat when you want a quick bite? I'm assuming you're picking up fast food. Fast food full of grease, fried outer shells, and food that isn't even real food. Instead of pulling to up the drive-through, keep fruits and granola bars in your bag. The food that seems convenient can be threatening, so be careful!!

3.) Use your brain, don't strain yourself!

Go online and check out some of the fittest people in the world. These people understand that while eating healthy is important, it's also important to indulge in foods you like on occasion. Life is short, and for most people, completely starving oneself of ones favorite foods does not work. If it helps, create a schedule or guideline on paper that lines up what you should and will eat for the day. Also, there are plenty of apps like Lifesum, that can help you stay focused on eating the right foods for your body, while occasionally enjoying your favorite foods as well. It will take time, but again, will help you in the long term.

4.) Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more.

Okay, I am very guilty of not drinking enough water and so many of you guys have the same dilemma. So let's work on this together!! Follow my socials and I will be recording the water I drink throughout the day. Click here for my Twitter and here for my Instagram! Be sure to record yourself drinking water and put hashtag #waterwithjasmine, also be sure to tag me!

5.) The "S" word.

Get your mind out the gutter I am talking about sleep!! Yes, it is important to finish working and get what you need to get done, done. Yes, sometimes you will need to pull all-nighters and stack up on coffee. However, we are not machines and we cannot survive on no sleep! A lack of sleep can mess with your focus so you will not be able to work to the best of your ability. If you're driving, you pose a threat to the people on the road around you when you're lacking sleep. So do yourself a favor, check yourself, and make sure you are getting in nights with full eight hour sleeps.

Overcoming Anxiety - Jasmine Tay

You're in a group of your closest friends and suddenly everyone wants to meet up with your extended group of friends. Great! Now, you have to get uncomfortable when you assumed your night would be a night filled with fun and well free of anxiety. I get it; because I was you, but there's no reason you cannot create comfort and composure in any situation. You can feel comfortable with strangers, on dates, and on job interviews!! Keep reading for five ways to overcome your anxiety.

1.) Your heart is beating fast, so take a deep breath.

When you feel uncomfortable you start to sweat, and your heart beats faster and faster. Instead of concerning yourself with your body's reaction to your brain, take control of your brain! Take a deep breath, and tell yourself everything will be okay because guess what it will! Whatever you're going through is probably not life or death, so remind yourself life will go on, despite the result and I'm sure those physical symptoms will disappear in no time.

2.) Prepare, prepare and prepare some more.

Before a presentation or an interview, you have two things on your side time and the ability to chose what you do with your time. It's imperative to make guesses about questions and questions because it will relax you. When you're less nervous you are more likely to perform well. The saying practice makes perfect holds an enormous amount of truth.

3.) Get moving!

As you already know if you're an avid reader of my content, I swear by exercise. When we exercise we release endorphins. Endorphins or the happy hormone make us feel better about ourselves. When you feel good about your health and the way you look on the outside you are more likely to feel more confident, and as a result, your anxiety will drop. Trust me you will see!!

4.) Become a planner and calendar guru.

When you create goals for yourself, follow plans and stay consistent I promise you will feel better! Without a plan, you may feel stressed out. Knowing what you want to achieve without a way to get there can be frustrating, trust me I've been there. Making little goals and accomplishing them one by one, can help you feel stronger, and will help you reach your goal faster. What better way to do this than with a planner!

5.) Patience is key!

Along the way of trying to reach our wildest dreams, we can grow restless. It's so easy to forget to enjoy the journey! Most people aren't overnight successes so please, cut yourself a break.

How To Be Me More Positive - #MotivationMonday Jasmine Tay

Oftentimes the more ambitious and determined among us feel extremely inadequate in comparison to others. We walk around constantly making goals and hitting strides, but we can't help to compare ourselves to those on an Instagram profile or Youtube Channel. We hear our high school ghosts reminding us we're not good enough. We're scared to tap into our true potential, so we never reach our highest potential. The key to beating the negative voices in our head is to step out of our comfort zones and focusing on the importance of positive thinking. Here are seven ways to do just that!!

1.) Surround yourself with people who encourage you, not the opposite!

About a year and a half ago, I found myself in a sticky situation with people who did not care about my well being. My friends at the time did not care about my feelings or my dreams. Our conversations involved consistent gossip. Oftentimes, I felt stagnant. At the time, I could not pinpoint where the feeling of stagnancy stemmed from; however, after losing my so-called friends and building stronger friendships, I felt stronger. Now, my friends are people working towards goals themselves. While we do gossip on occasion, like the teenagers we are, we mostly talk about our goals for ourselves and each other. So, it's true, the people you surround yourself with say a great deal about your future and determine your thoughts.

2.) Filter what you watch, and what you listen to.

In today's day in age, we have major advantages. Just listen to Gary Vee, he explains we have everything at our fingertips, we are in control of our destinies more now than anyone in other generations. Think about this, today, in order to promote a business, we simply need to dedicate some time to promoting our social media site and BOOM, our business starts to flow. While social media serves as a great source for helping us kick start our lives, social media can also cause great feelings of insecurity and inferiority. How many Instagram models are you following? How often do you check the social media page of a politician you cannot stand? Are you listening to sad boy music all day long? The people we see online, and people we listen to, have a major impact on how we feel.

3.) Do you have a passion?

Since I'm only seventeen, there are plenty of times where I come across people who lack a passion or a goal they're working towards on a consistent basis. Typically, these people feel more depressed and act in a more pessimistic manner than those with goals and aspirations they're working towards consistently. Working to achieve someone else's dream for you, will not leave you feeling fulfilled. So make sure you find a way to weave in practices you actually want to practice.

4.) Are you taking care of your body?

Yes, I understand I always talk about working out and staying fit, but the truth of the matter is, working out is super important!! Working out helps you feel good and helps you stay healthy. Who do you think has more energy to get their daily tasks done? The five-hundred-pound man or the man working out on a consistent basis. Additionally, the statement "look good, feel good" really works!! Just try it yourself! The better you feel about your external, the better you feel about your internal and the less negative voices inside your head.

5.) Wake Up Routine

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? A lot of us, wake up and reach for our phones. In reality, we take a look at everyone else's world before thinking about our own? This opens the door for comparison and negative thinking immediately, so we start our day on a negative note, without stepping out of bed!! Here's my suggestion, wait ten minutes before getting on your phone, and practice meditation instead. You will thank me later!

6.) Work, work, work, and more work.

So many of us focus way too much on results and not enough on how we're feeling! In order to obtain results, we need to produce quality. For some of us, that means quality content, quality hours studying, quality time with family or quality time in the gym. Whatever goal we're trying to reach, requires quality. We cannot create or maintain quality if we're tired. So, make sure you get an adequate amount of rest! Do not deprive yourself of sleep, water, exercise, or healthy eating. All of these things are essential to progress, quality results and positive thinking.

7.) Kill Assumptions.

You worked on your essay for weeks and now you are paranoid about your teacher's reaction. Slow down! You have not received your grade yet! Instead, you're assuming you got a bad grade already! Why would you do that? An assumption, especially a negative assumption can result in unnecessary paranoia and negatively affect the results of something else. Please, try assuming the positive or do not assume anything at all. Just try your best, and move on to the next thing.

So, do you have trouble terminating the negative voices in your head? Which tip on my list is your favorite? Do you have any other suggestions for tips to help one terminate negative voices? Let me know below!! Thanks so much for reading.

The Comfort Zone - Motivation Monday

Are you tired of stagnancy? Have you stood in the same place for years? Are you worried you will never accomplish your dreams? While growing up, like a lot of people, my anxiety consumed me. As I get older, my dreams get bigger. As our dreams get bigger, the need for us to step out of our comfort zones grows tremendously. So, here are five ways to step out of your comfort zone.

1.) Speak to people that are outside of your circle.

While it's important to have friends you can trust and confide in, making connections and diving into situations with others that make you uncomfortable, also has its importance. Creating connections can help you reach higher heights. Also, who doesn't like making friends?

2.) Get off of the couch.

So, you want to work out? You have been planning your workout for the past five years. Now it's time to get up and actually make the health difference you've been desperately craving. I hate to break this to you, but the couch potato life will not cut it when it comes to saving your own life. So do yourself a favor, and make things happen!!

3.) Go to that place.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. Everyone has places that make them uncomfortable. For me, it's a soccer clinic filled with males on Sunday nights. Regardless, I need to go to better my play. I'm sure your scary place popped in your head. Stop avoiding it, get up and go!!

4.) Quit the excess sleep!!

Yes, I understand sleeping makes all your problems go away if you sleep for twelve hours, but when you wake up, all of your problems are still there. What is the key to solving your problems? Facing them head-on.

5.) Avoid asking people for their opinions.

Look, I understand everyone's feelings and opinions help reassure you, but there is no reason for you to constantly seek out other feelings on your life choices. You are the artist drawing the picture that is your life, do not give someone else that power.

How To Stop Procrastination - Jasmine Tay #Motivational Monday

What do you want to do with your life? Do you have a plan that will help you get where you want to where you want to get? What's stopping you from implementing your plan daily? For many people, the plan is procrastination. I won't sugar coat anything, procrastination SUCKS! Here are 11 ways to stop procrastination.

1.) Ask yourself if you are actually working towards something you really want! If you are not working towards something that makes your heart beat with excitement, of course, you are not going to want to work towards it. So be careful with your dreams!

2.) Focus on the final product, stop focusing on the pain of the journey. Think about this, do you think someone would work out if no health benefits existed? Do you think someone would work out if they didn't think they would look great afterward? Probably not, so what are you doing thinking about the journey 24/7? Think about the glory!!

3.) Who is helping you reach your goal? No one? Are you insane? Who helped you into the world? Whom do you help on an everyday basis? Get help from your loved ones! Get help from that friend whom you're always helping (Yes, I'm throwing shade).

4.) Do you go hard, nonstop for a week and end up hating everything about your routine? If yes, you are going about reaching your dreams all wrong!! Taking breaks is absolutely necessary! Try to find a balance between work, play and keep yourself happy.

5.) What exactly are you eating? You are the sum of what goes into your body. You are the sum of how often you work out your body. Make sure you eat well, so your body and your brain feel ready when it's time to put your back into getting what you want.

6.) Are you checking your progress? Working towards a goal without keeping track of your results is a sure fire way to kill motivation! Keep in mind what you need to work on, improve on and/or keep the same.

7.) How do you wake up in the morning? Do you rush out of bed? Do you eat a healthy breakfast? If not, the way you're starting off your day may have a lot to do with the lack of progress you're producing.

Thanks so much for reading!! For more #MotivationalMondayswithJasmine CLICK HERE!!

Hope your day is magical!! Remember, you thought it, I just said it.

How to Live Your Best Life

It's December 25th, Christmas Day. The next holiday, New Year's Eve, lingers in your head towards the end of the day. What are you going to do? A year has gone by and you're still in the same place. Same tiresome friends, same dead-end job, same insecure attitude, and the same glass half empty outlook on life. There's no reason to feel ashamed of what has already happened. Do you want to know why? It's because the past has already happened! If you want to hold yourself more liable, keep reading for 10 ways to live your best life in 2019!

Keep Your Goals In Check

1.) Ask yourself what your goals are on a consistent basis, write them down and keep them where you can always see them and stop your procrastination right then and there.

Create a Plan

2.) Create an action plan. Where do you want to be in the next six months? A year? Five years? Again, write it down. Yes, write them down, right now!! Then, take action right away.

Track your Accomplishments

3.) Celebrate your accomplishments and review your shortcomings constructively. Once again, there is no reason whatsoever to dwell on your past decisions and actions. The present is now!

Failure? Necessary?

4.) Stop using failure as an excuse to give up. Do you know how many people failed before they go to the places they are today? No one who failed ever made it big. Follow your dreams, despite failure.

Who is your biggest fan?

5.) Be your biggest advocate! Stop asking others if you are good enough. The truth is your instinct should be one of your best friends! Nobody knows you or understands your true potential as well as you do, so go discover your best self.

Get off of the Couch

6.) No more living inside of your comfort zone. Look I get it, the pizza for lunch every day tastes great, and your sweatpants make you feel great! However, look at it this way, would you take advice from someone who looks or eats the way you do? If the answer is yes, you should probably get to grinding.

7.) Keep your body right! A happy body helps you brave any situation necessary. Also, I hate to break it you, but when you look good, you feel good and in turn, you're more successful.

Balance is Possible!

8.) Try to balance hard work with fun. Yes, yes, yes I understand that you need to meet that quota. Conversely, you may not want to do any work at all, but regardless of what anyone tells you, you need both! So please, give yourself all that you deserve.

Be Grateful Everyday!

9.) Practice gratitude! Stop moping around, and crying about things that do not go your way. YOU create the life YOU want. If you are reading this right now, on your cellular device, you probably have decent control over who you will someday be, so get up and make things happen in 2019!!

Another Technique to Kill Procrastination!

10.) Less television, less social media, fewer screens!! If you haven't read my poem about the danger of screens you should be sure to check her out here. However, screens are dangerous. While the internet can be helpful, she can also suck up your time. Your screen is procrastination’s best friend and darling, you don't have the time.

I hope this read gave you some insight on how to live your best life! I'm sure you tell yourself these things all the time, but now I am telling you, so you have no excuse to stay on your butt!! Make your life happen.

You thought it, I said it.

Jasmine Tay

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Live Your best life

Jasmine Tay