The Dollar - Poetry About Money

The Dollar - Poetry About Money

The qualifications of financial perfection seem unattainable.

The world mandating a pathway for the lot of us to take.

The world demanding, persisting, resisting.

Without direction, ants in colonies we become.

A green symbol controlling every thought, every utterance.

The lot of us neglecting to understand a piece of paper, while valuable today, can lose its value in a millisecond.

What happens when the days of the dollar terminate.

Passions, dreams, desires abandoned for the lot of us decided we rather chase after a man-made construct, an imagination's prowess.

The lot of them call your journey cold, scary, and dim, but let them see your Frost and take your own path, despite their resistance.

Jasmine Tay's, poem about money "The Dollar" touches upon the dangers revolving around one's sole focus on money. Despite money's importance, without other stimulating and rewarding sources, mankind will face the danger of eventual extinction.

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