Home - Poetry for Teens

Draped in my pink dress.

My cheeks drenched in blush.

I hesitate, refuse to show you what's underneath when the dress comes off.

There's darkness they don't see.

There's a different side of me.

She comes hides in the morning, she comes alive at night.

The me you see a spirits person.

A girl with class and dreams.

A girl with confidence galore.

Eye shadow perfect, lips covered in gold.

You don't know what happens when I get home.

Not home with my mother, father, brother, but beyond my address.

The home I'm referring to, the home I inhabit myself.

The home where I cry for past sweethearts.

The where I sit pondering the future's best course.

The home where envy harbors, all by herself.

The home where I'm not always Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky.

The home where I fear an unfulfilling life.

The home where I'm content and have no one to please.

In my home, there is no one to please, but me.

Jasmine Tay’s poem “Home” describes the importance of the relationship we create with ourselves. See more of Jasmine’s poetry here.

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