Cranium Cement

To the ones who live inside their minds.

You live in a place where no one can relate.

When you wake up in the morning a scroll everything that could go wrong, falls at your feet faster than Bolt's 9.58 run.

Except your race never ends, for she is loud and she shrieks, much like a freight train disturbing a sleepers sleep.

Your heart beats EDM, night club lights flash in your head.

Crowds leave you parched, despite the hours you spent preparing, planning, pacing, pounding, praying, everything would go right.

When you engage with a cohort of uninhibited, affectionate and affable, you qualm, fixated on a mind that simple.

After some time, some thought, some lived life.

After the pressing chest breaking feeling resides.

After closing your eyes, deep breathing and spending days at a time crying.

Remember the way the grass feels through your fingers and toes.

Remember the way your mother's food smells and how she warms you with her hugs.

Remember you're living.

Remember you're reading.

Remember at this moment all your sense are tingling.

This life ends with one last blink.

This dance ends and the curtain will close.

There is color outside of your mind, you just have to expose your soul.

Third Degree Burn