Third Degree Burn

That bites, stings, and burns.

Why gray? Couldn't they pick another color? Maybe a color that doesn't evoke this emotion.

I don't mean to anger so easily, I don't mean to appear so sensitive. Honestly, I finally thought everything was okay.

I know you're pretending, I can see it all over your face.

Trying to fill a void of loneliness, and nothingness. That's all this ever was, and that's all it will ever be with you.

So maybe this is red talking, not sensible blue.

Maybe the pen is pressing too hard into this paper, because of the stress release unraveling.

The difference between me and you is that I'm actually dealing.

I know my social pictures kill you, all the videos too.

I know my success makes you wonder if you were the very reason, I couldn't make any progress.

We both know this is over. We both know red lingers.

The girl became a woman.

A woman strong enough to leave, a woman strong enough to deal with and face her emotions.

All thanks to you.

Cranium Cement

Mr. Vulnerable