Mr. Vulnerable

Flashback five years ago, I wouldn't have anticipated my situation.

Never thought I was capable of my successes, of creating this mess.

But I got older and learned that black and white aren't really colors, just abstract ideas the robots attempt to make sense of.

I blink and everything changes.

With an aversion to routine, many consistently crave, I cave. It kills me to stay in one place.

Within my flight, I've hurt many, I don't want you to taste my venom.

The caterpillar to my monarch vacant. Still, you persist, your vulnerability catalyzing my discomfort.

Reflecting my fears, reflecting what I'm lacking.

I'm left to wonder. Why are you so willing to close your eyes and see my nightmare? I am envious.

Shut my eyes and try to see me the way you see me.

Shut my eyes and attempt to understand your curiosity.

Shut my eyes and dare to invade your dreams.

Shut my eyes, leave behind the poison.

Shut my eyes, blindly reach out, although this will likely end in heartbreak.

Third Degree Burn

To My Dreamers - Jasmine Tay