To My Dreamers - Jasmine Tay

The loneliness that surrounds me.

Usually, this gets to me, but there is no reason. No reason for me to ponder about why her. No reason to try and understand male psychology. No reason to rationalize why I am never picked.

Instead, it's time to understand why the shoe has never fit.

Not me, not them, instead it's life, my dreams that make my love life sigh.

See dreamers, workers we must learn a lovers pot we do not churn.

For simpletons won't understand, the salt of sacrifice we must add to our own pot.

Our recipe requires long nights, constant competitiveness and mental fights.

To the passionate and trailblazing kind, understand your heart a rare find.

It's unlikely you will find someone who gets your grip from the jump.

See regulars they value peace, serenity, and safety.

Us dream birds sing a different song, of discipline, risk-taking, and love.

Not love for a person or a material idea, but love for a much more complicated feeling.

So don't fret if you haven't found the one, keep adding color to your rainbow.

Remember trees grow slowly with patience, care, and trust, give yourself time, give your dreams time and somewhere along the line, your lover will come.

Mr. Vulnerable

Pens - Trust your gut