The Girl Inside Your Head - Poetry for Teens

What am I writing towards?

What am I writing for?

Am I aimlessly floating, waiting for the pencil to make some magic?

The magic she so frequently tells me I lack?

You know the girl I'm talking about.

The girl that tells you, you aren't good enough when you finally feel like begins to add up.

The girl that begs for your silence when you want nothing, but to scream a scream coated in candor and release.

The girl that looks back at you and tells you to rearrange your face, your physical makeup.

The girl that you begin to question as you get older, wiser.

The girl that diminishes slowly as you ignore her.

The girl that vanishes once you find the real her.

"The Girl Inside Your Head", reminds teens that second-guessing one's self is counterproductive. This poem for teens emphasizes the importance of self-belief.

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