Venom -


Venom has infiltrated the red that is your bloodstream and there is no turning back.

Where will you travel?

For the nearest help, miles away, not a nurse in sight to nurse you.

This is your fault.

You heard the hissing, the whispers of others warning you before.

Stay out the jungle.

You didn't listen. You never listen. You were always so stubborn.

This is what it feels like when you don't take heed.

Suddenly you can't see, you're feeling faint, weak.

Reaching, eyes open, you wake up to a hiss. The snake has returned.

The same snake who wrapped his body around your neck, sunk death into your cheek.

You welcome the sting, the tainted blood.

No longer pure, you figure what's a little more...venom.

Enamored by the way the skin sheds all at once, just to appear all over again.

Each time you're impressed. Never growing restless.

So the snake picks up where she left off and repeats the cycle again.

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