Natural Disaster - Jasmine's Best Poem Yet

Backs on backs, fingers on fingers, eyes on eyes.


Lightning Sparks.

Now I am the fire, after the strike.

Now you're forced to take caution.

My red-orange too strong.

Like a flower, the sunset, eyes opening in the morning.

You swim in your ghost town, rot, sewage galore.

Screams. Crying, begging, pleading.

Screaming in my blue, purple and gold.

Though blind, you are my purple.

Profusely, consistently you respond with disapproval.

Decline all my wishes, turn your back on my soul.

Your persistence unwavering, my fire dimming.

My thunderstorm lives adjacent to your tornado.

Bigger than the sunshine existing in a past life.

Still again we lock eyes, lock hands, lock rhymes.

Until 2 am when lightning strikes.

Venom -

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