Man's Plan for Women

Come here girl, pose for me girl, dance for me girl.

Forget your lessons, forget your hopes and dreams.

Nothing to aspire to in life but a man’s source of pleasure.

Quit the fighting. Don’t you know your fate?

Pneumatic and quiet that’s exactly how they want you.

Shut up, sit down. Do not speak unless you are asked to.

Silenced for years, why would the course change now.

Who are you? But his side dish, main course, meal?

Booming. Crashing. Crumbling. That’s how they want you.

Grasping. Reaching. You. That’s how you ought to be.

You ought to be colorful.

You ought to be yours.

Forget the world of pompous sir’s .

Design and devise your own world.

Natural Disaster - Jasmine's Best Poem Yet