A Poem For You

You are a fraud.

You are a liar.

You are uncomfortable in your own skin.

You are not able to withstand the pressures that come along with your personal evolution.

You walk around with fear in your eyes.

You are scared of being who you are supposed to be.

You base your value on superficial things like a number on a test paper.

You base your value on superficial things like the people you hang around.

You want to be admired.

You are desperate to fit in.

You are so desperate to fit in that you have shattered all your morals.

Your morals have become nonexistent.

You are so insecure that jealousy has taken over your being.

You are so uncomfortable because something I just said aligns with your daily thought process.

You are uncomfortable because in one way or another I just described you.

Now you are subconscious.

Now you are concerned.

You start to ask yourself questions.

Who have I become?

Am I the person being described?

You feel regret, you feel nauseous, you feel alone.

Alone is a feeling that you and I know all too well.

Alone can feel like heartbreak.

Alone can feel bitter.

Alone can feel like all of your problems being presented before you, as you lay in silence.

Alone can feel heavy.

Alone can feel overbearing.

Alone does not equal finished.

Alone does not equate to your demise.

Alone means you are alive.

Alone means you are making progress.

Alone means you are full of potential.

Alone means you have time.

Alone means you still have time to find your passion.

Alone means you still have time find yourself.

Alone means you have so much more in store.

Alone means hope.

Alone means you have a long journey ahead of you.

Alone means you are human.

Alone does not mean loser.

Alone does not mean lonely.