She told me she was lonely, but she did not use any words. She told me things were hard for her, but it was not her body language that spoke for her.

For she was energetic, she was bubbly and strong. Her warmth was something anyone could see within eight thousand miles.

She sat down next to me and we told each other stories, asked each other questions and found a common ground.

Through her smile and laughter, she told me of her struggle.

She told me of her mother, single, she made a slight mistake. A mistake that cost them all. Heartache with a side of family.

She told me of her father, he visits on Christmas, buys her gifts and smiles until he disappears back into his abyss.

She told me of her long nights. Her lack of confidence, lack of strength.

She told me that she had a very long road ahead.

A very long road ahead.

A long road I have never seen.

For my two parents were the type of parents you read about in parenting magazines.

My life was something out of a Disney movie.

See talking to her was like remembering how lucky I am.

Talking to me made her realize that she was her own life's master.

She could achieve what she wanted to achieve.

Despite the life she was put here to lead.

A girl with so many dreams undiscovered.

Recognized she had so much left to uncover.

A girl with a mindset fit for a queen bee.

Was only the mere age of three.