Johnny meets his dealer every Sunday, he always needs the high. Johnny wants a way to escape from what he calls his every day life.

He never knew his father, refused to utter," mom", he never felt the love one gets when one enters their own home. 

Johnny always told me, he wished he was like me. He wished that he was fortunate, he wished he could reach his dreams. 

Johnny cried himself to sleep, when he could not find food at night. 

No matter how hard Johnny tried he could not find some light. 

So Johnny turned to dust, and blow, just about every evening. 

A way to get away, soon transformed into addiction. 

An addiction to a fantasy, a bliss, a nonexistent place. 

When I think back to when he was he. I remember the things he said to me. 

He told me he was envious of all the the blessings given, to me a by a God in which our sight is forbidden. 

He told me I was beautiful, intelligent, and loved. Three things he felt were out of reach ,for someone from where he was from. 

Looking back upon those honest words, I treasure Johnny more and more. 

I treasure all the gold and trinkets external and in within my soul.

So when you're no longer on top and you're breath is drenched in pity. 

Please take time to remember all of the things Johnny said to me. 


Not Just Me

Dear Old Me