Dear Old Me

Looking into the mirror is a struggle for you right now.

Getting them to like you is your priority.

Your dreams are a mere representation of ideas you believe will not manifest into a reality.

Insecurity eats you alive, self doubt eats you alive, fear eats you alive.

You're currently worried. You are so worried that you have become frozen.

However, you must not worry, for one day you will wake and understand your dreams are attainable.

My love you will realize your fears are irrational.

For you are a gem, in a world full of rocks.

In a world full of mimics, you represent the trailblazer.

I can see your future.

Life will get darker, but you will learn how to light your own path.

They will continue to whisper, but you will learn the green monster lingers within their souls.

Your dreams will still frighten you, but you will realize you are painting your masterpiece.

When you are frozen, love will melt you back to life.

The insecurity you harbor will not consume you. Instead you will consume the insecurity.

Between you and me. The only thing stopping you?

You and me.


Words Unspoken