He Said, She Said.

With averted eyes and a quiet voice, I am not quick to respond with my career of choice.

For I fear judgment, disappointment. For I fear the look on one’s face of dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction with the choices I make. Dissatisfaction with the path I desire to take.

As I stare at the ceiling I think about what he said, a slither of our conversation lingers in my head.

“Are you concerned with what others think?”

To which I replied a quiet, “yes”.

“Well, why? You seem to have all the necessary ingredients for success.”

Short, and meaningful the conversation lingers in my head from wake to sleep I think about the line he so profoundly said.

Of course, I start to wonder, why do I care what people think?

Yearning for approval all hours of the day. Wanting a look, or a stamp of things are going to be okay.

After this conversation, regular daily growth, I understood the only person’s approval I need is my own.

For me, myself and I, we all wake up together.

For me, myself and I, we all fall to slumber together.

So who are you to judge me, when you only know half the truth?

Remember loves, no one can question or judge you, but you.