Words Unspoken

Words unspoken are like an unborn child, never touched, never knowing what it is like in the world

Angie was twenty and she was in love, her best friend the one who had given her the bug

Little did Angie know Brian was in love to, whenever he was in trouble, he thought, what would Angie say or do

Neither of them knowing stayed quiet under blankets of fear

Forever scared of rejection, forever scared of pain

Ten years later Angie sits quiet reminiscing about her old friend Brian

Brian was no longer with her for he, had died in a car crash at age twenty three

Angie was engaged, and pregnant as well

However her new lover could never compare, to her first love, young Brian with the ginger hair

If only she wondered, I had kissed him quick, could things have been different? Would he be with me?

The story is a lesson, told in a harsh way

Reminding all people to speak up today

Speak loudly about your dreams, aspirations and hopes

Fear not what people think, but fear your words unspoken

Dear Old Me