My Father's Law

I respect my father.

Though I wish his wishes were not imposed on me.

I respect my father.

So I hide.

From change, from growth, from exposure.

To a stone and neutered place.

That views it’s roots as weeds.

I respect my father.

His law, his love, his life,

So I listen.

So I hide.

As I respect my father.

His cause is culture, the history of him.

He believes

My soul is finite

Filled with the answers my ancestors died for.

There is no space for other learned things.

I respect my father

but I respect myself

and my choices must be my own

for the mass that is my past

will act as anchor.

The volume of the blood that has been split to give me now will only drown the man he wishes I become.

I respect my father

his rule and rules

but this one will be broken.

So, “Im here”.

***All credits to John Mcewan-whyte***

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