The Comfort Zone - Motivation Monday

Are you tired of stagnancy? Have you stood in the same place for years? Are you worried you will never accomplish your dreams? While growing up, like a lot of people, my anxiety consumed me. As I get older, my dreams get bigger. As our dreams get bigger, the need for us to step out of our comfort zones grows tremendously. So, here are five ways to step out of your comfort zone.

1.) Speak to people that are outside of your circle.

While it's important to have friends you can trust and confide in, making connections and diving into situations with others that make you uncomfortable, also has its importance. Creating connections can help you reach higher heights. Also, who doesn't like making friends?

2.) Get off of the couch.

So, you want to work out? You have been planning your workout for the past five years. Now it's time to get up and actually make the health difference you've been desperately craving. I hate to break this to you, but the couch potato life will not cut it when it comes to saving your own life. So do yourself a favor, and make things happen!!

3.) Go to that place.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. Everyone has places that make them uncomfortable. For me, it's a soccer clinic filled with males on Sunday nights. Regardless, I need to go to better my play. I'm sure your scary place popped in your head. Stop avoiding it, get up and go!!

4.) Quit the excess sleep!!

Yes, I understand sleeping makes all your problems go away if you sleep for twelve hours, but when you wake up, all of your problems are still there. What is the key to solving your problems? Facing them head-on.

5.) Avoid asking people for their opinions.

Look, I understand everyone's feelings and opinions help reassure you, but there is no reason for you to constantly seek out other feelings on your life choices. You are the artist drawing the picture that is your life, do not give someone else that power.

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