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You're in a group of your closest friends and suddenly everyone wants to meet up with your extended group of friends. Great! Now, you have to get uncomfortable when you assumed your night would be a night filled with fun and well free of anxiety. I get it; because I was you, but there's no reason you cannot create comfort and composure in any situation. You can feel comfortable with strangers, on dates, and on job interviews!! Keep reading for five ways to overcome your anxiety.

1.) Your heart is beating fast, so take a deep breath.

When you feel uncomfortable you start to sweat, and your heart beats faster and faster. Instead of concerning yourself with your body's reaction to your brain, take control of your brain! Take a deep breath, and tell yourself everything will be okay because guess what it will! Whatever you're going through is probably not life or death, so remind yourself life will go on, despite the result and I'm sure those physical symptoms will disappear in no time.

2.) Prepare, prepare and prepare some more.

Before a presentation or an interview, you have two things on your side time and the ability to chose what you do with your time. It's imperative to make guesses about questions and questions because it will relax you. When you're less nervous you are more likely to perform well. The saying practice makes perfect holds an enormous amount of truth.

3.) Get moving!

As you already know if you're an avid reader of my content, I swear by exercise. When we exercise we release endorphins. Endorphins or the happy hormone make us feel better about ourselves. When you feel good about your health and the way you look on the outside you are more likely to feel more confident, and as a result, your anxiety will drop. Trust me you will see!!

4.) Become a planner and calendar guru.

When you create goals for yourself, follow plans and stay consistent I promise you will feel better! Without a plan, you may feel stressed out. Knowing what you want to achieve without a way to get there can be frustrating, trust me I've been there. Making little goals and accomplishing them one by one, can help you feel stronger, and will help you reach your goal faster. What better way to do this than with a planner!

5.) Patience is key!

Along the way of trying to reach our wildest dreams, we can grow restless. It's so easy to forget to enjoy the journey! Most people aren't overnight successes so please, cut yourself a break.

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