How To Be Me More Positive - #MotivationMonday Jasmine Tay

Oftentimes the more ambitious and determined among us feel extremely inadequate in comparison to others. We walk around constantly making goals and hitting strides, but we can't help to compare ourselves to those on an Instagram profile or Youtube Channel. We hear our high school ghosts reminding us we're not good enough. We're scared to tap into our true potential, so we never reach our highest potential. The key to beating the negative voices in our head is to step out of our comfort zones and focusing on the importance of positive thinking. Here are seven ways to do just that!!

1.) Surround yourself with people who encourage you, not the opposite!

About a year and a half ago, I found myself in a sticky situation with people who did not care about my well being. My friends at the time did not care about my feelings or my dreams. Our conversations involved consistent gossip. Oftentimes, I felt stagnant. At the time, I could not pinpoint where the feeling of stagnancy stemmed from; however, after losing my so-called friends and building stronger friendships, I felt stronger. Now, my friends are people working towards goals themselves. While we do gossip on occasion, like the teenagers we are, we mostly talk about our goals for ourselves and each other. So, it's true, the people you surround yourself with say a great deal about your future and determine your thoughts.

2.) Filter what you watch, and what you listen to.

In today's day in age, we have major advantages. Just listen to Gary Vee, he explains we have everything at our fingertips, we are in control of our destinies more now than anyone in other generations. Think about this, today, in order to promote a business, we simply need to dedicate some time to promoting our social media site and BOOM, our business starts to flow. While social media serves as a great source for helping us kick start our lives, social media can also cause great feelings of insecurity and inferiority. How many Instagram models are you following? How often do you check the social media page of a politician you cannot stand? Are you listening to sad boy music all day long? The people we see online, and people we listen to, have a major impact on how we feel.

3.) Do you have a passion?

Since I'm only seventeen, there are plenty of times where I come across people who lack a passion or a goal they're working towards on a consistent basis. Typically, these people feel more depressed and act in a more pessimistic manner than those with goals and aspirations they're working towards consistently. Working to achieve someone else's dream for you, will not leave you feeling fulfilled. So make sure you find a way to weave in practices you actually want to practice.

4.) Are you taking care of your body?

Yes, I understand I always talk about working out and staying fit, but the truth of the matter is, working out is super important!! Working out helps you feel good and helps you stay healthy. Who do you think has more energy to get their daily tasks done? The five-hundred-pound man or the man working out on a consistent basis. Additionally, the statement "look good, feel good" really works!! Just try it yourself! The better you feel about your external, the better you feel about your internal and the less negative voices inside your head.

5.) Wake Up Routine

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? A lot of us, wake up and reach for our phones. In reality, we take a look at everyone else's world before thinking about our own? This opens the door for comparison and negative thinking immediately, so we start our day on a negative note, without stepping out of bed!! Here's my suggestion, wait ten minutes before getting on your phone, and practice meditation instead. You will thank me later!

6.) Work, work, work, and more work.

So many of us focus way too much on results and not enough on how we're feeling! In order to obtain results, we need to produce quality. For some of us, that means quality content, quality hours studying, quality time with family or quality time in the gym. Whatever goal we're trying to reach, requires quality. We cannot create or maintain quality if we're tired. So, make sure you get an adequate amount of rest! Do not deprive yourself of sleep, water, exercise, or healthy eating. All of these things are essential to progress, quality results and positive thinking.

7.) Kill Assumptions.

You worked on your essay for weeks and now you are paranoid about your teacher's reaction. Slow down! You have not received your grade yet! Instead, you're assuming you got a bad grade already! Why would you do that? An assumption, especially a negative assumption can result in unnecessary paranoia and negatively affect the results of something else. Please, try assuming the positive or do not assume anything at all. Just try your best, and move on to the next thing.

So, do you have trouble terminating the negative voices in your head? Which tip on my list is your favorite? Do you have any other suggestions for tips to help one terminate negative voices? Let me know below!! Thanks so much for reading.

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