Gratitude, Mindfulness or Both?


Merriam Webster Dictionary -“The practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.”

Most people understand the idea behind gratefulness; however, many people do not understand the meaning of mindfulness. Reaching mindfulness is a stage you reach when you find comfort within yourself. When you learn to recognize your feelings and emotions, you learn to completely accept yourself, your mistakes and inherently improve yourself as a result of your new state of consciousness. Do you want to learn how to improve your mindfulness? Stay tuned! You can practice mindfulness through gratitude. Here are some ways to practice gratitude!

1.) Make a list of things you're grateful for!!

I understand! You probably think this idea is cheesy or corny. Maybe you think you're too cool to make lists or maybe you think you have everything figured out. Still, I promise you will miss out on beautiful parts of life without stopping to reflect on the blessings you do have.

Here's what a list can look like:

Three Things I'm Grateful for 3/12/2019

1.) My Youth

2.) Family & Friends

3.) Life

As you can see, the list looks short and simple. Your list does not need to look extravagant! You just need to reflect on what's important to you!

2.) Try to go on a complaint free binge.

Just like you, when I come home from a rough day, I complain to a loved one right away. Oftentimes the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: "How was your day?"

Me: "My day was okay, but this person said this about me, this teacher looked at me funny, and... yea it was okay."

Although my mom doesn't say anything, I know my negative energy probably negatively influences her in some way shape or form.

When we complain, we're affecting ourselves and the people around us! Remember that before you complain about something insignificant!

3.) Remember the good things that happened in your day, week or month.

Oftentimes, we only focus on the bad things or moments in our lives. Did you accomplish 5/6 of your goals this month? Stop and ask yourself if you're focusing on the five goals you did accomplish OR the one goal you didn't accomplish.

My dad always reminds me to keep a glass half full attitude and there is nothing more important than doing this!!

Obviously keeping a grateful attitude, can help you appreciate yourself more than before. When you focus on the good around you, you naturally focus on the good about yourself.

What are you grateful for? Let me know below!

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