How to Live Your Best Life

How to Live Your Best Life

It's December 25th, Christmas Day. The next holiday, New Year's Eve, lingers in your head towards the end of the day. What are you going to do? A year has gone by and you're still in the same place. Same tiresome friends, same dead-end job, same insecure attitude, and the same glass half empty outlook on life. There's no reason to feel ashamed of what has already happened. Do you want to know why? It's because the past has already happened! If you want to hold yourself more liable, keep reading for 10 ways to live your best life in 2019!

Keep Your Goals In Check

1.) Ask yourself what your goals are on a consistent basis, write them down and keep them where you can always see them and stop your procrastination right then and there.

Create a Plan

2.) Create an action plan. Where do you want to be in the next six months? A year? Five years? Again, write it down. Yes, write them down, right now!! Then, take action right away.

Track your Accomplishments

3.) Celebrate your accomplishments and review your shortcomings constructively. Once again, there is no reason whatsoever to dwell on your past decisions and actions. The present is now!

Failure? Necessary?

4.) Stop using failure as an excuse to give up. Do you know how many people failed before they go to the places they are today? No one who failed ever made it big. Follow your dreams, despite failure.

Who is your biggest fan?

5.) Be your biggest advocate! Stop asking others if you are good enough. The truth is your instinct should be one of your best friends! Nobody knows you or understands your true potential as well as you do, so go discover your best self.

Get off of the Couch

6.) No more living inside of your comfort zone. Look I get it, the pizza for lunch every day tastes great, and your sweatpants make you feel great! However, look at it this way, would you take advice from someone who looks or eats the way you do? If the answer is yes, you should probably get to grinding.

7.) Keep your body right! A happy body helps you brave any situation necessary. Also, I hate to break it you, but when you look good, you feel good and in turn, you're more successful.

Balance is Possible!

8.) Try to balance hard work with fun. Yes, yes, yes I understand that you need to meet that quota. Conversely, you may not want to do any work at all, but regardless of what anyone tells you, you need both! So please, give yourself all that you deserve.

Be Grateful Everyday!

9.) Practice gratitude! Stop moping around, and crying about things that do not go your way. YOU create the life YOU want. If you are reading this right now, on your cellular device, you probably have decent control over who you will someday be, so get up and make things happen in 2019!!

Another Technique to Kill Procrastination!

10.) Less television, less social media, fewer screens!! If you haven't read my poem about the danger of screens you should be sure to check her out here. However, screens are dangerous. While the internet can be helpful, she can also suck up your time. Your screen is procrastination’s best friend and darling, you don't have the time.

I hope this read gave you some insight on how to live your best life! I'm sure you tell yourself these things all the time, but now I am telling you, so you have no excuse to stay on your butt!! Make your life happen.

You thought it, I said it.

Jasmine Tay

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Live Your best life

Jasmine Tay

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