Seven Meditation Tips - Easy Meditation

Suffering from anxiety? Try meditation. I'm sure you've heard people suggest practicing meditation on multiple occasions. Ancient Buddhists used meditation as a form of mental escape and clarity. Therapists today suggest meditation to their clients and rapper J.Cole suggests meditation in his song "FRIENDS".

In my next post, I will explain why meditation works. In honor of my new #30DaysofMeditationChallenge I want to introduce tips on how to meditate before explaining why meditation works. For my information on my meditation challenge check out my Twitter and my Instagram.

Anyway, before you get bored and start reading someone else's post on meditation, let's get started...

1.) While you're meditating, you should only think about your breathing.

Meditation works because while meditating we do not have to think about our problems, struggles, or daily stresses. On a daily basis, we worry about superfluous ideas such as our parents' and friends opinions or how we look in a certain outfit. Some people worry about bigger and more serious problems, such as paying their rent. Regardless, meditation forces us not to focus on anything but meditation. However, beginners may find that it's hard to stop thinking about our problems. That's why it's imperative to focus on your breathing. Like anything else, when you start thinking about one idea your mind no longer thinks about the idea causing you strife, so FOCUS ON BREATHING.

2.) Don't Focus TOO much on your breathing.

When I first started meditating, my therapist at the time suggested breathing in through my nose slowly and out throw my mouth slowly. I would practice this repeatedly and I often felt short of breath afterward. Why was this happening? I was focusing TOO much on my breathing. Meditating works like anything else does. If you think about what you're doing too much, it won't work. So try different breathing techniques and make sure meditation feels comfortable.

3.) You Don't Have to Meditate in Silence.

Originally I would meditate for ten minutes at a time in complete silence, a very ambitious attempt for someone who just started to meditate. I realized I didn't have to meditate for so long, but even bigger than that I did not have to meditate in silence! Sometimes meditating with music on can help you focus and enjoy your experience more easily. Some people like to listen to Classical Music. Personally, I prefer R&B tracks quietly in the background. I do NOT recommend any Rap or Hard Rock. You should probably listen to something calming.

4.) You're not a monk, ditch the "Ummm".

Enough said check out my Instagram for more information on avoiding the "Ummm".

5.) You Should Probably Steer Clear of Your Bed.

If you're a student, a working class citizen, a mother, father, son or daughter, you have a checklist you try to fill out as you go through your day. That being said, you probably feel tired, so meditating in your bed will not end well for you. When we meditate our heart rate rests lower than it does when we sleep. In other words, if you meditate on your bed, and you have a quota to meet, chores or homework to do by a certain time, I highly suggest you do NOT meditate on your bed. I speak from experience.

6.) Do Not Meditate in a Messy Space.

They say "you are what you eat" and I believe your feelings match the place you cohabitate. Obviously, it's not always easy to keep your living space, my mom will tell you that I'm not great keeping my space clean either. However, meditating in a clean space creates a happier and easier experience. Think of it this way, if eating a clean space feels favorable and sleeping in a clean space feels favorable, meditating in a clean space will feel favorable too!

7.) Let Others In On Your Secret.

Hey guys, sharing is caring!! I will talk about why meditation works so well in my next post! It's so important to let others in on our little secret to killing anxiety! Be sure to share these tips with your homies, family, and coworkers.

Let's kick, kill and FACE anxiety TOGETHER.

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