Swimming in a sea of imaginary green we sit delusional and desperate.

Green in our thoughts. Green in our prayers. Green in our minds.

Green our LSD.

We feel green like a gambler feels ecstatic and joyous.

We taste green like a food addict tastes comfort and reassurance.

We see green like a pessimist sees blackness and bleakness.

We hear green like a butterfly hears vibrations and nothingness.

We smell green like a dog smells their owners' fragrance or incense.

Green our soma.

She locks us into a system without escape.

She locks us into a caste, here she leaves us to waste.

She locks us into a cage, where breakthroughs cease to exist.

She locks us into a world that teaches us how to be, how to love and not to love.

Green our Hennessy.

Without worry, without care, without feeling.

Without caution, without thought.

Without perceiving.


Without green? Who are we?

Who are you? Without green.